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Aloha News Publication
Spring 2000
Page 15

BOOK REVIEW by Serge Kahili King

We haven't done a book review for years, but this one is so remarkable that we're making an exception.

The book is The Message From Water, by Masaru Emoto, head of an international group doing research on subtle energies.

While considering that water comprises over 90% of the material of a fertilized ovum and that even as adults we are about 70% water, Emoto wondered about the effects of water on our health and well-being on a deeper level than just hydration.

One day he received the inspiration to examine the formation of crystals from water taken from various sources. He was mainly concerned with the state of water in Japan, but soon his research had international cooperation.

Emoto started out by setting up an unusual laboratory. It was essentially a refrigerator large enough to hold many samples of water as well as a desk, a microscope equipped with a camera, and a researcher. Since the laboratory had to be kept at a temperature below freezing, each researcher could only stay in it taking pictures for about a half hour at a time.

In his book, which is written in Japanese and English, he provides a large selection of photographs of water crystals from various sources and subjected to various conditions and treatments. The results are truly astounding.

Using crystals formed from distilled water as a base comparison, Emoto starts out by showing us photos of crystals from several rivers in Japan. The first shocking discovery was that very polluted water either has no crystal structure when it is frozen or else the crystals are very distorted and partial. In contrast, photos from clear mountain streams are well-formed. Surprisingly, crystals from mystical or sacred places like Lourdes in France and Tenkawa (a river near a Shinto shrine where I once did a Hawaiian shaman ritual) are beautiful, but their centers are empty.

Later, there are before and after photos of frozen water subjected to heavy metal, classical and sad music, positive and negative printed words taped to the sides of sample bottles; and even positive and negative thoughts. The results of that are about what you would expect if you know Huna.

However, the most exciting experiment in my opinion was one in which a sample of water was taken from a polluted dam in Japan and then frozen and photographed. Next, a Buddhist priest sat by the water and spent an hour in prayer. Immediately after another sample was taken, frozen and photographed. You can see the results below.

The book is published in Japan and the ISBN number is 4-939098-00-1.

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