Article: Lost in the Supermarket of Truth

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Posted by Deb on May 31, 2000 at 14:33:38 from

Hi All,

Awhile back, Tami wrote this on the Topics board:

The most embarassing things are usually attached to someone who has decided to make a living teaching people how to be spiritual. Give them "Stars On Thars" and have a barbeecue and roast weenies.

First off, to teach someone to be self empowered, well, you are going to attract people who are not self empowered. Big Fucking Duh.

hmmm, should i set up a site that teaches people how to be dependent?


And today I found this article from Issue no. 6:

Lost in the Supermarket of Truth

So many seekers these days find themselves wandering from aisle to aisle filling their trolleys with "truth", seemingly unaware of the price they will have to pay once they get it home, it is a case of buy now , pay later.

In this New Age there are so many alternatives offered to those who seek more from this existence than the material world of illusion that surrounds them. They know there is more to it than this, but where is it?

The roads the seeker may take are many and various, they may take themselves through drug use, through attachment to partners, or through any of the great number of cures and therapies offered to them by the New Age movement. These are however ultimately dead ends that lead one to the backwaters of pride and ego, leading us further away from the one road that leads to our enlightenment.

This desire to grow, to understand the reason for our existence is a force that lies deep within every human being. The satisfaction of this desire and the answer to all our questions is also within us, ours already, bestowed upon us by the benevolent creator of this Universe. If this is so then how can you pay for any spiritual teachings? How can one pay for what is ours already? Such a mighty force as this does not understand money.

Much of the spiritual teaching offered these days is very costly and a lot of the time cashes in on your desire to evolve. Perhaps such teachings satisfy the mind and inflate the ego so you feel better temporarily, but do they give you the ultimate satisfaction that you seek, to know yourself.

There are others who try to reach another dimension of experience through taking drugs, but again are they aware of the price they are paying for this so called increased awareness? It has been described that taking drugs is like being given a vast and glorious treasure and that instead of using the key to unlock the door you use an explosion which destroys half the treasure in the process.

Still others have relationship after relationship in an attempt to find the love they seek, unable to understand why they continually fail. It is not that they are being consciously immoral, but they have no sense of right and wrong to guide them towards a behaviour that will bring them love and security within a stable relationship.

In this modern world we are addicted to sensations, from shocks to sweet surprises, everything from food, to entertainment, to your chosen partner to gratify your senses in one way or another. They provide a lustre for the exterior of your being while neglecting the substance within. Most of the time and for most of the people this world of temporary sense gratification is enough to satiate, but for those who are seekers of truth they will always feel a longing for something more. This urge within you is basic for your growth, it is your desire to evolve. Once we connect with this power within us, then we find the satisfaction of the Spirit, which will enlighten us as to our part in evolution. When we know what we are, and what our
potential is then there is no need to harm ourselves. We no longer identify with the exterior illusion of our existence, but swim in the ocean of joy within.

What happens is that we think we know what we are doing that we have everything under control, which is another one of life's illusions, for there is a much greater force in the universe than ourselves that connects us with all life and wishes only for us to evolve into our potential selves, and the sooner one is connected to this power the sooner one will reach the perfection one seeks. So much can be justified with the mind, we can say its alright, I'm OK, we can convince ourselves of anything, but when one listens to the Spirit the cogs of the mind bare down to leave the truth spinning freely.
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