Reflections..... Responsible Speech

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Reflections......Responsible Speech
Monday, 05-Jun-2000 08:32:45 writes:

Responsible Speech

Before we speak, do we think about the effects our words might have on others? Gossip, rudeness, lying, and breaking confidences can easily slip into our daily speech. We may use words that trigger negative reactions in others. And when they are offended, we may think they are being unreasonable – we didn’t mean any harm.

But regardless of our intentions, our words can harm, and we need to use them responsibly. In speech, we are responsible for respecting other people’s feelings, integrity, and privacy. We are responsible for our own honesty and truthfulness.

Becoming sensitive to the power of our words doesn’t mean we can never disagree with others or stand up for ourselves. It means taking the same responsibility for our speech as we do for all our other actions.

“I am responsible for using speech positively.”

Love & Light

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