Intuition (from Seat of the Soul)

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Posted by Karma on July 14, 2000 at 11:54:17 from


Seat of the Soul

Here are some notes I jotted down the other day from Seat of the Soul pg. 81

I found them interesting and thought someone here might as well.

First step:

Become aware of what you are feeling. Following your feelings will lead you to their source.

Only through emotions can you encounter the force field of your own soul.


Why does this news…affect me this way?
Why do I feel disturbed?
Does my experience support my suspicion?

Every time you ask for guidance, you receive it.

Every time you ask yourself “What is my motivation?” you ask the Universe “help me to see” and help comes.

You may not always be capable of hearing the answers to your questions when you ask them, and the answers may not always come in the ways you expect, but they always come.

Sometimes an answer occurs in the form of a feeling – a yes feeling or a no feeling – sometimes in a memory or a thought that at the time seems random, sometimes in a dream and sometimes in the form of a realization that is prompted by an experience that will occur the next day.

Karmic obligations that are created by deliberate misuse of knowledge, by knowingly harming or creating discord in another, are greater than those that are created in ignorance.

To develop intuition:

Honor emotional cleansing at all times.

If you are emotionally blocked and you cannot, or you do not, know what you feel, or if you have blocked what you feel so effectively that you become emotionless you become a negative person, and you also create a physically diseased body.

By keeping your emotions clear, emotional negativity does not reside in you, and you become lighter and lighter.

Honor your emotional currents of energy.

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