Debra A. Hegerle

After being an accountant for over 14 years, I decided it was time to explore other avenues starting with becoming a Travel Consultant which helped me finance my love for traveling and exploring new places, along with my joy of meeting new people.

During that time I also opened my own company called Dragonfly Productions. In the beginning Dragonfly Productions was about assisting people with both their general bookkeeping needs, as well as travel arrangements. However, as I evolve from my experiences, so did Dragonfly Productions. For awhile Dragonfly Productions became a site dedicated to serving in areas we all can use a helping hand ~ Our Families and Our Children. I had many helpful links and articles regarding hospice work as well as the excerpts from my contribution to the book ďThe Indigo ChildrenĒ by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. As time progressed and I grew, I realized that I didnít need two websites any longer and as January 2004 I took Dragonfly Productions off the net, and placed the information from Dragonfly onto my PlanetDeb website.

As of March 2004 Iíve been married 22 years, and we have one child. Iíve learned much from being a volunteer Teachers Aid in many of my sonís classes both in and out of the public school system, as well as my training and working within the various avenues of the Center for Human Developmentís PEP (Parent Educator Program) Program, and my hospice work. Currently Iím focusing my time pursuing wild life rehabilitating.

My other interests also include astrology, astronomy, psychology, and Iím still a freelance writer. I also enjoy horseback riding, jazz music & dance, aerobics and playing with my website.

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