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Hospice & Health Information, Excerpts and Articles
Articles on Hospice, The Death Experience, Grief (Children’s and Adults), Miscarriage, Suicide & Depression, and Additional Resource Links & Information

Indigo Information, Excerpts and Articles


In the beginning Dragonfly Productions was about assisting people with both their general bookkeeping needs, as well as travel arrangements. As people came to know me, they considered me insightful and slowly but surely I also began doing card readings (using a deck of regular playing cards) and dream interpretations. As I evolve from my varied experiences, so did Dragonfly Productions. After awhile Dragonfly Productions became a site less about bookkeeping & travel, and card & dream interpratations, and instead became a site dedicated to serving people by being a helping hand to families (hospice) and children (education). After a while I had many helpful links and articles regarding education, hospice work and other health related issues, as well as the excerpts from my contribution to the book “The Indigo Children” by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. As time progressed and I continued to grow … I realized that I didn’t need Dragonfly Productions (the business) any longer. While I still own the domain name of, I decided to no longer host DragonflyProductions.Net. But what to do with the articles and such that others found so helpful? The solution is this; I have placed many of the original Dragonfly articles and excerpts here: on my PlanetDeb websites.
My you continue to find them helpful, interesting and useful.
~Joyful Blessings~

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