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Sexual Activity and Teens:
Some Possible Meanings

Author Interview

Page 268


From the Book:
"The Sex Lives of Teenagers"
by Lynn Ponton, M.D.
ISBN 0-525-94561-X
Dutton, Published by the Penguin Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
Copyright © Lynn Ponton, 2000

Sexual Activity and Teens: Some Possible Meanings

Being sexually active may have multiple meanings to adolescents. Certainly these meanings are highly subjective, and vary among individual teens. From the teen's perspective, it may mean or represent ...

that s/he is lovable

that s/he is now an adult

physical pleasure

intimacy with another person

desire to become pregnant or have a child

status in his/her peer group

surrender to desire or to another person

relief from boredom or escape from life's pressures

desire to test out biological equipment or fertility

reenactment of a sexually traumatic event from the past

a sex "trade," i.e., a way of obtaining money or material goods

an expected part of his/her current relationship

"true love"

personal expression of growth


a weapon or conquest

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