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Children of the New Millennium
Childrens Near-Death Expereincs
and The Evolution of Humankind
by P.M.H. Atwater, LH.D.
ISBN 0-609-80309-3

Chapter 10 ~ A New Race Aborning
Esoteric Teaching of Soul Evolution
Excerpt: Pages 209 - 211

Esoteric Teachings of Soul Evolution Through the Awakening of the Human Mind
Levels of
States of
Types of
Red Physical Physical: the earthplane; survival issues and individual power
Orange Astral Astral: invisible "blueprints"; inner guidance and heightened sensitivity
Yellow Mental Concrete Mental:the intellect; decision making and personal will
Green Mental Abstract Buddhic: awakening to spirit; initial enlightenment and enlarged worldview
Blue Higher Intuition Atmic: self as individual; enlightened knowing and wisdom
Indigo Inspiration Monadic: fully individuated; the indivisible whole
Violet Spiritual Divine: aligned with soul power; surrender to God's Will

If we take the concept of root races (for example, soul, amorphous thought forms, physical thought forms, human beings, and those quickened in spiritual awareness and genetic makeup, as well as two more higher forms of embodiment yet to come), and insert each type into the chart beginning at the top, we arrive at a broad picture of what may indeed be the evolutionary destiny of humankind-a growth progression referred to in esoteric traditions trans-culturally. According to the diagram, the fifth root race, which is now, comes under the purview of the blue vibration.

And the "blue race" has specifically been mentioned in some prophesies as the quantum leap that would evolve from within the midst of the human family during the final years of the Piscean age. Supposedly, this "fifth race" would be as unlike its predecessors as crystal is unlike clay. Zodiacal cycles, or ages, are approximately 2,160 years long. After the third millennium begins, and by the year 2,020, we will enter the long-awaited age of Aquarius, presumably a time when the rigors of science will join with the wisdom of inner knowing to produce societies dedicated to the economics of shared projects and international achievement, rather than to the wanton violence and enslavement of dictatorships.

The members of the blue race, as the architects of the Aquarian age, are said to be exceptionally aware, highly developed both intuitively and intellectually, and comfortable with ambiguity and complex challenges, thus made to order for the demands of the twenty-first century. Visionary traditions also refer to differences in their biological structure-unusual digestive systems and allergies, differences in eyesight, heightened faculties, a noticeable sensitivity to foods, light, sound, and energy fields, plus an amazing ability to function with the least amount of stress during difficult situations.

Descriptions of the blue race are resonant with the typical aftereffect characteristics of the average child experiencer of near-death states, as well as with what pediatricians worldwide are reporting about the newest crop of infants.

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