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January 2009

Updated my Astrology page and the link to my Garden forum.

February 2005

Revised my Topics Board once again
and began renovations on my website.

September 2004

My new and improved phpbb style Topics Board is now online at: PlanetDeb Message Board

The following articles/book excerpts have been added to my Spirit section:

Three excerpts from Meditations with The Hopi by Robert Boissiere
Hopi Prophecy - The Day of Purification,
Hopi Elder Leslie Koyawena’s Prayer,
and Glossary of Hopi Words

Seven Steps of Forgiving from A Little Book of Forgiveness and
Sense & Spirituality: Finding Your Path Without Losing Your Head; Ten Questions for Validating Spiritual Paths, Groups, and Teachers
by D. Patrick Miller

Don't Die With Your Music Still In You
By Rita Rizzo

August 2004

The Topics Board is again off-line.
I will be putting up a new PHPbb style expanded Topics Board board in its place.
Watch for notice of its arrival coming soon.

July 2004

All Hospice information from Dragonfly Production merges with PlanetDeb.
Indigo excerpts and update to follow.

May 2003
I decided to bring my message board, The Topics Board, back on line.

January 2003

Added the following articles in the Relationships Section - "Other's Articles":
A Time Comes in Your Life (The Awakening) by Virginia Marie Swift
After Awhile (You Learn) by Veronica A. Shoffstall
Begin Again by Collin McCarty
Understanding Me by Javan

and ~ added my 2nd quote engine:
"The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People" by David Niven, Ph D

May 2002:

Added PlanetDeb's Quote Generator No. 1 and
Added Robert Boissiere - Hopi The First World and the Song of Creation
in my Spirit Section.

March 2002:

New Book Excerpts on the Spirit Section:
P.M.H. Atwater's - Children of the New Millennium
"Chapter 11 - The Promise ~ Third Way Principles" and
"The Four Types of Near-Death Experiences"
Sue Bender's - "Everyday Sacred"

January 2002:

Created a New Section on my 'Spirit Page' called 'Article Excerpt' which has the following articles:
"Freedom vs. Devotion" - An in-depth report on cult experience by D. Patrick Miller
"Altered States: Interview with Charles Tart" - Talking about the Science & Spirit of "Altered States" by D. Patrick Miller

Added a New Article on my 'Spirit Page' - 'Other Articles'
What messages are behind today's cults?

Updated/Corrected links Topics Board Archive 3
Subject Area: More on Cults ~ Question to Assess the Process
Post: The Above From: Spiritual Responsibility - Deb 10:59:33 04/20/00

December 2001:

PlanetDeb.Org and PlanetDeb.Com
came on-line to join with PlanetDeb.Net

Updated/Corrected links in the Astorology Section

November 2001:

Began the "What's New at Planet Deb" Page

Deleted the link for donations to "The Kids Aid Site" from the opening page
because the Kid's Aid's Site has been changed to a Webhosting & Domain Reqistration Site

Created a New Section on the "Spirit Page" called "Healing & Prayers"

Added the following book excerpts on the "Spirit" Page:

"Healing & Prayers" Section:

Gregg Braden - The Isaiah Effect ~ Secrets of Prayer and Healing
Gregg Braden - The Isaiah Effect ~ Quantum Futures of the Hopi
Thich Nhat Hanh - Peace is Every Step, Transformation and Healing
Serge Kahili King - Instant Healing, Preparing the Way & Walking the Path

"Book Excerpts" Section:

James Redfield - The Celestine Vision ~ Chapter 5: Overcoming Power Struggles
James Redfield - The Celestine Vision ~ Chapter 9: Uplifting Others
Jamie Sams - Scared Path Cards ~ Heyokah, Humor/Opposites

Added in the "Relationships" Sections

Book Excerpts:
James Redfield - The Celestine Vision ~ Chapter 5: Overcoming Power Struggles
James Redfield - The Celestine Vision ~ Chapter 9: Uplifting Others